Carve-out with an interim CEO


  • Acquisition of the German activities from a European listed group
  • Spin-off from the seller’s group structure and structuring of the German sub-group

Industry/ Function / Expert

  • Packaging industry
  • Interim CEO/CFO
  • Europe, listed Ernst Faltermeier
  • Establishment of an intermediate holding company (GmbH) as a special purpose entity
  • linguistic and content mediation between the French buyer and the German stakeholders
  • Financing and securing the sale price
  • Transfer of the business operations of the intermediate holding company to the target company after non-prohibition by the cartel authorities
  • Management of the (partial) project, interim management of the special purpose entity
  • Completion of the transaction according to plan and on schedule
  • Integration into the international group structure from a tax and financial point of view
  • Ensuring functioning controlling and corporate governance