Restructuring and expansion FinTech startup


As financial controller:

  • Identifying the financial gap and stabilising the payment operations

As Interim Managing Director:

  • Establishing the individual operational areas
  • Establishing new suppliers, partners and products

All necessary functions as Country Manager

Industry/ Function / Environment / Expert

  • FinTech start-up for cross-border payments
  • Interim Managing Director
  • Identifying the financial gap, operational reorganisation and expansion Dipl.-Volksw. Leonhard Walter
  • Determination and analysis of the current financial situation of the company and its payment obligations
  • Stabilisation of the operational process and relationships with suppliers and customers
  • Analysis of the established processes and working methods incl. securing the know-how and training of the employees
  • Establishment of the new legal company structure and technical set-up of payment methods
  • Negotiation with banks and suppliers to reduce costs and implement new products
  • Member of the business development team to set up a new database, responsible for the correct presentation of data volumes and payment processes
  • Authorised representative of the CEO, responsible for establishing the new company structure
  • Implementation of new processes for operational optimisation and quality control
  • Establishment of new partners for international payments
  • Integration of new local payment methods and payment products
  • Establishment of a new legal structure to prepare the start-up for cooperation, expansion and investment
  • Increase of money volume in Brazil by approx. 300%, exchange rate costs reduced by 20-25
  • Expansion from Brazil to Mexico, Colombia and Argentina.
  • German-Brazilian FinTech startup with 7 employees in the beginning and 35 in the end and presence in 7 countries.