Securing liquidity and restructuring


As financial controller:

  • Determination and control of liquidity
  • Reduction of financing costs
  • Introduction of project control

As Commercial Manager:

  • Realignment of the family ownership structure
  • Expansion of customer and supplier relationships

Industry/ Function / Environment / Expert

  • Metal construction company
  • Financial controller and commercial manager
  • Securing liquidity, restructuring and debt reduction Dipl.-Volksw. Leonhard Walter
  • Determining the current financial situation of the company and its payment obligations
  • Development of a new ownership structure and mediator between the individual shareholders
  • Negotiation of a partial sale to reduce the debt burden and improve the cash position
  • Definition and reorganisation of areas of responsibility
  • Implementation of new short and medium term project planning
  • Development of new planning and procurement processes
  • Implementation of a new post-calculation taking into account the new strategy and operations
  • End of the shareholder dispute and implementation of a new ownership structure
  • Stabilisation of cash flow
  • Reduction of the residual debt to suppliers to approx. 96%
  • Reduction of financing costs through renegotiation of due redemptions
  • Identifying the true profit drivers of the company
  • Implementing new processes for risk and quality control
  • Overcome the 1st wave of the Corona crisis
  • Company operationally and financially ready for refinancing by creditor banks
  • SME with two business units in metalworking and painting with almost 30 employees