Maarten Drop

Your F&P expert in Business Development & Innovation


Consulting and project management:

  • Business Development & Innovation
  • International Market Development – EU focus
  • Competitive & Growth Strategies
  • Product Marketing & Brand Positioning
  • Cross-Culture Marketing
  • Business Process Optimisation

Interim Management:

  • CEO/ Managing Director
  • CBDO
  • CSO
  • Head of Sales & Marketing

Industry Expertise

  • Telecommunication industry
Business Development needs a Growth Mindset, an incredibly powerful tool to create Business Innovation.
Maarten Drop |

Associate Partner

Maarten Drop

Holding more than 25 years of European Telecoms Industry know how and in-depth knowledge of Business Development & Innovation, Maarten Drop took several leadership roles and covers a wide range of expertise starting from comprehensive market research, winning competitive & growth strategies, product marketing & brand positioning, creating value & competitive advantage and building profitable strategic partnerships, all the way up gaining substantial European market share.

Maarten accomplished various business innovations. Even when targets were put into tight financial budgets and time frames, or coping with highly competitive market or difficult economic situations, he succeeded under all circumstances. Against this background, Maarten took responsibility for recovering the loss of corporate image, rebuilding a sales department from scratch (corporate repositioning) and provisioning workable cross-border and regulatory compliant payment transaction solutions, just to name a few.

Maarten distinguishes himself by a growth mindset and high cultural intelligence. He has a proven track record in Business Development and is creative and qualified in Business Innovation. In addition, he demonstrates strong work ethic and is multilingual talented.

From this perspective Maarten is able to add significant value to businesses inside as well as outside telecoms industry and is qualified for different leadership roles, with the capability to deliver results by effectively orchestrating all involved teams – including technical organisation and external business partners.

Maarten holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with a Major in General Management, followed by postgraduate studies Marketing Management and Finance.

Maarten joined F&P Executive Solutions AG as an Associate Partner in 2022.

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