Product development

In industry, product development is usually an engineering task and it involves different functional areas. The formulation of the task to be solved requires very market-oriented functions such as sales, key account management, application engineering and product management, while the task solution can take place in functional areas such as research and development, design, electrical design, software development and plant/systems engineering. Across all of the above-mentioned areas and interfaces, the focus must remain on the needs of the customer and the business management task of the company.

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Product Development Strategy

When a company wants to develop a new product, it proceeds in different steps:

  1. Idea collection and planning
  2. Concept development and design
  3. Implementation and market launch

When you launch a new product, it is usually a big project and a good interaction of different factors is necessary. Professional help is often needed.

Processes and leadership

This requires stable, coordinated processes, motivating and inspiring leadership as well as constantly new ideas, knowledge of methods and a high willingness to cooperate. This also includes cooperation with external experts who can very quickly transfer new technologies into suitable solutions. This is an enormously important topic in connection with the pressure to innovate from the digitalisation toolbox.

Efficiency in development – using F&P interim managers

In economically difficult times, the demands on new product developments increase to a particular extent, because the innovative power must not be allowed to diminish towards the market and, on the other hand, the project work must be carried out in a highly efficient manner. Interim managers from F&P Executive Solutions AG take on this challenge, as they are used to working functionally across divisions, bring in methodological knowledge and, as experienced managers, are able to meet all requirements.

Focus also on customer expectations

There should be no new developments based on specifications that arise solely from the company’s considerations. Market analyses and a summary of the customer’s expectations should be carried out beforehand. This is the basis for the specifications. Other new developments are based solely on specifications that come entirely from the customer.

Management of development areas

To be able to continuously offer market-driven solutions in the mechanical and plant engineering, electrical engineering and automotive sectors requires a demanding interaction of a wide range of specialists. What is required is not only technical experience and up-to-date technological knowledge from the application world and the solution areas. Shareholders, board members and division managers look at engineering-technical areas with different expectations.

F&P Interim Managers take over tasks from the companies

The following tasks for interim management are mainly assigned to managers of F&P Executive Solutions:

  • Increasing efficiency in development
  • Increasing competitiveness with high innovation pressure
  • Qualification of management staff or closing of short-term vacancies
  • Personnel adjustment without process disruptions and optimisation of processes
  • Time-to-market in development and order processing
  • Development of new products that meet customer expectations
  • Use of new technologies in products and processes
  • Preparations in the company before sale, M&A or post-merger integration
  • Introduction of methods, project management and project leadership

Leadership that meets the requirements

Working on these topics always requires managers who also manage to convince and successfully integrate the staff, motivate and show perspectives as well as overcome hurdles. The interim managers of F&P Executive Solutions AG are not only engineers with development experience, but also experienced managers; they therefore think and act with a business focus. Their range includes work with “simple” series products to complex plants and services. They lead as role models, promote open communication, creativity and a culture of innovation. And they have practical experience and work “hands-on”.

Find examples from our practice and talk to us about reference projects and about solution approaches for your task:

  • Innovation and efficiency in product development
  • Restructuring and reorganisation
  • Digitalisation in processes, products and services
  • Leadership tasks in company sales, M&A and PMI processes
  • Project management
  • Coaching of executives and business units

Contacting F&P AG experts

Our consultants and interim managers have many years of operational experience and can support you with product development in your company. We can provide you not only with individual experts, but also with well-coordinated teams of experts along the entire value chain. With our Quick Scan, our consultants determine the initial situation in your company and then create implementation-oriented concepts for you.

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