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The degree of use as well as the importance of IT in companies has been steadily increasing for years. Whereas in the past it often only had a supporting role and cost reductions were achieved by automating processes, it is increasingly becoming part of the overall strategy of companies. It is a critical success factor in competition, both in terms of costs and benefits, and requires cross-departmental management within the company. Especially with regard to business processes, there were often different views on the quality of IT functionality in the company.

IT saw itself as an innovation driver, while other departments complained about a lack of flexibility and the need to adapt to IT requirements. In this area of conflict, the external support of an industry expert in the analysis and optimisation of the value chain, which includes a consideration of all business areas, is a guarantee for long-term success.

The core tasks of IT

Today’s expectation of IT is primarily the provision of services according to industrial standards (qualitative, quantitative, effective and efficient under competitive conditions). Demands for “IT from the socket”, “IT on demand” or cloud computing require a level of maturity that has hardly been reached so far, neither within the company nor by service providers. Offers linked to this expectation, such as SOA (service-oriented architectures) or ASP (application service providing), rely on industrial mass production, which in return, however, entails a multitude of interfaces.

This leads to new challenges:

  • Monitoring, quality assurance
  • Conclusion and management of service level agreements
  • Responsibilities / delimitations
  • Escalation scenarios in the event of disruptions
  • Increased maintenance of the IT landscape (“cost of doing business”)
  • Life cycle of IT systems comparable to traditional production facilities

Support through Project Management Consulting and Interim Manager IT

When analysing and implementing IT project management, most companies need the external perspective of an expert. At F&P Executives Solutions AG we provide you with concepts through comprehensive IT project management consulting.

If you need support in implementing the proposed solutions, our experienced interim managers for IT come into play and take over the leading function as interim project managers at short notice.

Our IT know-how

Our experts stand for a holistic view of the value chain and the sustainable design of excellent processes in your company. Our industry- and practice-experienced teams offer innovative consulting concepts and comprehensive expertise in modern information technology (IT) – from IT governance to the selection and implementation of IT systems.

Core competencies of our consultants and interim managers IT

IT governance

We ensure that your business objectives are supported and driven by the use of IT. We offer methodologies and solutions for the management, organisation (in terms of processes and structure) and control of IT that are tailored to your company.

  • Dovetailing of corporate strategy with IT
  • Alignment of IT with business
  • Prioritisation of IT investments
  • Transparency between turnover / IT costs
  • Achieve competitive advantages
  • Minimise risks
  • Optimise business processes
  • Measuring and monitoring results
  • Change management – adapting IT structures to changing conditions
  • Temporary assumption of IT management and projects (interim management)
  • Programme and project management
  • Personnel development in IT
  • International IT rollouts
  • In-outsourcing / offshore development
  • IT costs

Cost transparency in IT is one of the main requirements in companies. We take over the planning, control and target orientation of your IT organisation with regard to the achievement of your company’s strategic goals.

  • IT controlling, conception and implementation
  • Reduction of internal and external IT costs
  • Redesign and renegotiation of IT contracts
  • IT and project reviews
  • IT transparency

With our IT project management consulting, we examine your IT landscape and work out ways to optimise it.

  • IT due diligence
  • IT project analyses- IT project reorganisation
  • Process consolidation and IT application integration
  • IT Business Alignment
  • System selection and implementation

Our experts have many years of experience in the selection and introduction of different IT systems in companies. We analyse your business processes and find the right software solution for your company – from the classic ERP system to the modern information and knowledge management environment – and ensure its implementation through our project managers.

  • ERP Systems
  • SAP
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • CRM
  • Integration infrastructures
  • eLearning
  • Hardware and software consolidation

Further information Our interim IT managers are professionals for all industries. They have already successfully implemented numerous mandates and projects. Read more about them in our case studies on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

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