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Logistics – the core topic of supply chain management Many companies are dominated by the everyday challenge of having goods and services at the right place at the right time in the right quantity and quality. This includes looking at the company’s own logistics and those of its partners in the supply chain. Those responsible for daily business often find it difficult to take a forward-looking look at logistics and supply chain management in their own company.

An external expert with a strategic understanding of your company’s goals is often the helping hand in both economically carefree and difficult times.

Advantages of well-functioning logistics

Logistics includes the planning, implementation and coordination of information and goods flows within the company or between suppliers and customers. With so many functions in a company, it is often forgotten how important well-functioning logistics are. However, this can have a number of positive aspects for an organisation:

  • Shortened delivery times
  • Cost savings increase company success
  • Lower stock levels and storage costs
  • Shorter lead times

Our special SCM & logistics know-how From food and beverages to personal and health care to contract and small batch production of machinery and equipment or intermediate products in the process industry – we understand the challenges of our customers and create reliable logistics management in the area of conflict between customer value creation, economic efficiency and sustainability.

Supply Chain Management Logistics: Quick Scan in 4 Steps

We will go through the following 4 levels with you step by step in the case of a mandate, examining them for inefficiencies and systematic disruptions as well as their causes and effects. We start with a so-called Quick Scan Logistics as the starting point for successful project work with our clients.

On this basis, we develop coherent, robust but adaptable concepts with our clients. Implementing these in the client’s organisation as well as the important change management internally, as well as with your customers, suppliers and service providers, is a long-standing strength of the experienced partners at F&P Executive Solutions.

1. Logistics and the Business Strategy / Business Unit Requirements

In recent years, logistics strategy has come into sharp focus as an essential part of supply chain strategy. Logistics concepts, be they regional, national or global, have become a key success factor for manufacturing and service companies. Not because of the possibility of using competition between logistics service providers to reduce costs, but because logistics service has increasingly become a significant value-added factor that is more and more decisive for the willingness of suppliers and customers to buy and cooperate.

The experts at F&P Executive Solutions review the strategic fit of your logistics concept with you and align it with the current and future needs of your company.

Customer- Value creation

  • Problem solver
  • Reliability
  • Predictability
  • Transaction effort
  • Process competence


  • Ability to deliver
  • Inventory reduction
  • Performance costs only
  • Flexibility
  • Error prevention


  • Energy reduction
  • Quality assurance
  • Minimum obsolescence
  • Take-back logistics
  • Tool recycling

2. Service & Logistics Strategy

Based on your corporate and business unit strategy, it is important to precisely determine the logistical service for customers and their service needs in the internal movement of goods and towards suppliers.

The following questions should be answered:

  • Are your logistics and delivery services part of the added value for your customers?
  • How is this added value reflected in sales communication, prices and conditions?
  • What basic logistics services are necessary and what flexibility of the range of services in procurement, intra- and distribution logistics is required?
  • Can this be better organised in-house, or does it make sense to hand over logistical tasks to specialists?
  • Is redundancy needed to counter the ever-present risk of process disruption and where, how much, for which customers and product lines, locations?
  • What continuity concepts exist in the event of interrupted logistics chains?

Answers must be found to all these questions and a suitable solution for supply chain management and logistics must be found. Another area of expertise of F&P Executive Solutions is the creation of implementation-oriented technical concepts by our consultants. In addition, our experienced interim managers will also support you in the implementation of the concepts if necessary.

3. Logistical Infrastructure & Processes

Once the functional concept is in place, the right measures need to be planned and organised. Whether it is a matter of minor or major adjustments to current processes, the renewal of information processes and technologies, or even the relocation or outsourcing: to ensure that the adjustments and changes are managed through, external management support is helpful for the speedy control and coordination of the upcoming changes. After all, your professionals also have a low-friction day-to-day business to manage.

We at F&P Executive Solutions offer you temporary management by experienced specialists for outsourcing, relocation and reorganisation projects. And that from the definition of requirements to the selection of service providers and the entire transition process and, if desired, through to project completion.

4. Operational Logistics Processes

Supply chain management and logistics processes often reach their limits over time due to people and changing requirements. There may be different reasons for this, but it is important to first give the processes and the employees working in them a chance to get the best out of the current conditions with a manageable budget before embarking on a more in-depth reorganisation.

Focus on competence-based, regular process optimisation, driven by those who are involved in or directly affected by the processes on a daily basis. Value Stream Mapping is one of the Lean Management techniques that helps you to bring transparency to suboptimal processes and to immediately develop proven solution ideas that are then tested, further developed, evaluated and implemented as part of the continuous improvement process.

Do you need managers for the daily control of your warehouse or the operation of your own transport logistics? We will gladly provide you with experienced transport and warehousing managers from our manager/provider network.

F&P AG: Your Partner for Supply Chain Management Logistics

We partners at F&P Executive Solutions are happy to actively support you in process analysis as well as in the implementation of Lean Management in an effective form that can be introduced with on-board resources even for a medium-sized company. We provide your employees with methodical knowledge and support the selection, elaboration, implementation and result evaluation of your process improvements in logistics as consultants or temporary managers.

Please feel free to contact us for an initial consultation, which is free of charge. We will listen to you and give you first professional feedback on the task in your company. Send us a short message with your contact details and your request to We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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