Value creation process

The value chain

The entire value chain begins with the delivery of the materials. This is followed by the incoming goods inspection by the quality assurance department and the storage of the materials by the internal logistics department. Only then does the actual manufacturing of the products begin. Intralogistics supplies the various production sites. The finished products are then handed over to the shipping department. From here, the products are delivered to the customers.

The entire value-added process is digitally mapped with the help of an ERP system. The ERP system is used for production planning and production control, i.e. for planning, scheduling and monitoring the entire value chain.

The core tasks of production Production, also called fabrication, manufacturing or production, is the value-added process in which a producer creates consumer goods from materials by means of labour, using energy and means of production. From a business perspective, production is an organisational function in companies as part of the business process. It is located at the interface between procurement and sales of products.

The value chain

The value chain consists of different functions. These include inbound logistics, operations & production, marketing & sales, outbound logistics and customer service as primary activities and corporate structure, human resources, procurement, development and research as supporting activities. In order for all activities to work well together, the support of an external expert is usually required. With a flawless value creation process, several advantages arise for your company.

These can look as follows:

  • Cost savings
  • Competitive advantages
  • Exploitation of optimisation potential

Nevertheless, companies should think carefully about whether to outsource parts of the value chain. This requires a comprehensive analysis and consideration of the advantages and disadvantages that arise.

Quality management


Process optimisation


Key figures – KPI

Lean Management

Our know-how

The SCM and IT experts of F&P AG have a know-how of the most modern instruments for lean management methods and for process optimisation such as KAIZEN and KVP as well as for the most modern planning and control instruments in the SAP/ERP environment in order to increase their efficiency and effectiveness in production and logistics.

Companies benefit from this through shorter lead times, cost reduction, higher customer satisfaction, greater employee motivation and stronger competitiveness.

We offer comprehensive and professional implementation management to optimise structures, processes, systems and operations along the entire value chain, with subsequent focus on operations management. Our social competence for managing complex value chains in the global production network is one of the key competences of our process and project management.

Core competences of the F&P production competence team

  • Process optimisation along the entire value chain
  • Introduction and implementation of lean management methods such as CIP or Kaizen
  • Use of effective quality management
  • Support of ERP projects for the best possible sales planning (Demand Planning) and production planning and control (PPS).
  • Optimisation of intralogistics
  • Introduction of key figures as an efficient management tool
  • Motivation of employees through a cooperative and trusting management style

The F&P Executive Solutions AG has industry experts in the area of value added processes, who first analyse processes in your company with the help of the Quick Scan and, based on this, create concepts for you and, if necessary, also support you in the implementation.

Our firm consists of consultants and interim managers with many years of operational experience in project management for all functional areas in your company. Please feel free to contact us for further information or to discuss procedures. For more information on our projects, please read our case studies.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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