Efficiency increase

What does increasing efficiency mean for companies?

The pressure in companies is extremely high. Time and again they have to compete against the competition and maximise profit in the whole organisation or in selected business areas. In doing so, costs are to be reduced and all potentials are to be exploited. With increased efficiency, the profit situation can be improved in all functional areas in your company through restructuring or optimisation of systems, processes, structures and procedures. More profitable through optimisation of your operations Operational weaknesses in key business functions lead to below-average profitability and reduced margins. Therefore, the strategic and operational realignment of these business functions is the key to securing the operational strength of your business. Potential savings can only be realised if measures are taken to optimise business processes and organisational structures.

  • Careful analysis of the cost drivers, the identified weaknesses as well as the complex interdependencies of the different business areas for improvement potentials
  • Reduction of complexity, focusing of the business with concentration on core competences
  • Standardisation of processes and structures as well as optimisation of systems
  • Outsourcing or introduction of shared services centres. With them, administrative activities can be centralised and standardised.

Increasing efficiency in all business areas with F&P

At F&P we have the possibility to provide you with individual consultants, interim managers or even teams along the entire value chain in all functional areas. They have many years of operational experience in business process optimisation, complexity reduction and process standardisation. This ensures that cost management is permanently anchored in the companies. How do our experts proceed The starting point is the analysis of the existing gaps between the actual and target state of selected processes and cost structures within the business units under consideration. For this purpose, we also like to use our Quick Check to get an overview of the entire situation. Based on this, a package of measures is put together that results in a change through targeted restructuring, reorganisation or, in extreme cases, outsourcing measures. This can affect entire business units, departments and brands or parts of the product range. Particular importance is attached to the conception of organisational changes and the financial impact on turnover, costs and thus your profit contribution.

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F&P AG has experts in various functional areas, including Marketing & Sales, Product & Innovation, Supply Chain/Purchasing/Logistics/Production, IT/ERP/SAP Project Management and Finance. In our case studies you can learn more about successfully implemented projects. We look forward to hearing from you!

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