Customer Journey Management – Success Factor and Key Task

What is Customer Journey Management?

Customer Journey Management describes the whole process of guiding a potential buyer to the purchase of a product. This can also be called the customer journey. The goal is to optimise all contact points, for example with a product or a brand, of a buyer with the company. The more specifically buyer groups, contact points and journey maps are identified, defined, tracked and recorded, the more effective the budget allocations and the more sustainable the ROI while increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. For optimal lead management, the cross-channel dovetailing of all online and offline contact points across all phases of a customer journey is crucial. The well-known AIDA formula (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) provides at best an initial, rough guide, even if it is often presented differently. It is much more important to honestly record the actual journeys of customers with one’s own company, product and brand and then to design them in a targeted manner with regard to new customer acquisition, conversion and customer loyalty.

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Intelligent Customer Communication with Customer Journey

The customer journey is often seen as an alternative to multichannel marketing. However, the customer journey goes far beyond the familiar channels and is by no means just a communication strategy. Rather, it is the active management of the post-purchase usage cycle, the experience, the active dialogue and the creation of positive experiences during usage that are decisive for success and on which the customer journey is built. Determining the target group The Customer Journey is also not the same for all customers. Therefore, it is important to identify typical customers and describe them in so-called personas in such a way that all relevant contact points, communication channels and the customer approach in the entire customer journey are specifically adapted to the actions and experiences of this persona. So when we talk about a customer journey strategy, it is never just about a single journey. In contrast to previous qualitative and quantitative target group descriptions such as need states and income classes, the persona is described as a real person and is thus as real a projection surface as possible for the design of the service and customer guidance. Improving user experience through customer journey management Terms such as customer journey, user experience journey or user experience (UX) are currently still used in a very undifferentiated manner. The term user experience comes from web design and is mainly applied to guiding a customer through digital contact points on a website or app, but the customer journey is not limited to these. Personal contacts, products and services are also contact points in the customer journey. Third-party influence must also be taken into account. Customer journey management is primarily about the customer experience. The customer and the targeted management of their view of the company or brand are at the centre of all corporate actions. This may not sound new, but the customer journey requires a consistent attitude and consistent action analogous to the phases of the journey map. This means that organisational structures and procedures, processes, roles and functions, the understanding of products and services, IT architecture, project management, leadership, etc. change.

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Strategic support for Customer Journey Management by F&P

F&P supports you in all functional areas with all key topics such as

  • Narrowing down personas, prototypes of your customers at the beginning of each customer journey strategy, as well as metrics of your needs and expectations
  • Consistent journey mapping, capturing all touchpoints and their interaction, especially with regard to detecting breaks and the “key moments of truth”, areas of particularly high relevance.
  • The definition of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • IT architecture, agile organisation, agile processes and project management
  • Reorganisation and transformation

Our experts not only create concepts or advise you on your Customer Journey strategy, but also help you operationally with the implementation in your company with our interim managers. We can not only support you with individual consultants, but also provide you with expert teams along the entire value chain if required. Contact Would you like to significantly improve customer satisfaction? We identify potential in the area of customer management and develop an intelligent customer journey strategy from it. Simply get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you. Take a look at our case studies and learn more about the successful projects of our industry experts.

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