Restructuring is a process in which optimisations or realignments are made in a company that can prevent a liquidity crisis or insolvency proceedings. Loss situations can be existentially threatening for your company and can only be overcome through targeted measures. As one of our core competences, we support you in restructuring your company.

This includes the following points in particular:

  • Diagnosis of the framework conditions and causes of the crisis
  • Analysis of strategic options for action
  • Solution architecture with opportunity/risk analysis and recommendations for action for decision-making

For the realisation of these measures for the restructuring of your company and the successful implementation of the concepts, F&P AG has a pool of interim managers with many years of experience in management positions, who can draw on a broad range of experience in the various business areas.

Due to a specially developed procedure, we are able to implement the necessary measures within a short period of time:

  • Identify the crisis situation in which a company finds itself
  • Identify the quick wins that cushion the downward spiral
  • To create enough space to develop the strategic reorientation
  • To drive the company back into the profit zone in a sustainable and lasting way.

You are looking for an industry expert in restructuring with high expertise, who can quickly lead your challenging project to success?

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Restructuring your business will reduce costs and increase profits

Effective cost reduction programmes help to avoid a company crisis long before earnings and liquidity problems become apparent. The starting point for realising existing potential is a comprehensive restructuring consultation with a detailed inventory of the cost structure and processes, in which our cooperation partner Angermann Consult assists us.

On this basis, we derive suitable measures and F&P accompanies you in the operational implementation to improve and secure results for a sustainable increase in the value of the company.

System and Business Process Optimisation

Restructuring also means strong process thinking and optimisation. A process-oriented approach is indispensable today in order to survive in national and international competition.

Our case-based approaches to process optimisation

  • Documenting process descriptions as a reference basis for further optimisations to identify weak points in terms of the quality and performance of the processes to be described
  • Analysis of operational and financial key figures in cooperation with controlling and finance departments
  • Identification of gaps in processes and benchmarking against competitors
  • Optimisation of planning and purchasing processes
  • Increasing efficiency in the supply chain, production and customer logistics, distribution
  • Reduction of inventories in order to increase working capital and free cash flow
  • Optimisation of customer and demand-oriented delivery performance, shortening of the period between order acceptance and delivery (“lead time” or “cycle times”)
  • Streamlining of overhead costs in administration, sales and customer service
  • Optimisation of warehousing and distribution systems, streamlining of product ranges, outsourcing
  • Profitability analysis (customer, sales channels, products)
  • Cost structure analysis in administration, marketing, sales and supply chain

We develop targeted measures in all cases and support the implementation of ERP systems and adequate process organisation.

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Reference Projects Restructuring

Our experienced industry experts have successfully completed several restructuring projects and saved companies from a liquidity crisis during optimisation and realignment. Read more about our reference projects and convince yourself of our competencies.

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