Dipl.-Bw. (BA) John Persch

Senior Partner

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Dipl.-Bw. (BA) John Persch

Your F&P expert for restructuring and reorganization


Consulting and Project Management:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Turnaround and restructuring
  • Transformation and strategic development
  • Production optimisation
  • Operational Excellence
  • Liquidity management
  • Definition and implementation of growth strategies
  • Profitability improvement

Interim Management:

  • Member of GL: restructuring, turnaround, liquidity management, cross-functional excellence initiatives / operational excellence, optimisation of supply chain and production sites, production closure, project management, project rescue, implementation IDW S6 turnaround programmes, manufacturing restructuring in Turkey (OTIF, quality et al.a.) and Brazil (closure of several plants); production system change for assembly plants in USA, China, Poland and South Africa; project restructuring Canada (> € 90 million penalty) and Turkey (several plants in total > € 500 million).

Industry Expertise

  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Special machine construction
  • Renewable energies and grid connection
  • Automotive supplier
  • Aerospace supplier
  • Consumer goods industry (B2B)
  • Oil and gas
  • Companies with the business field of energy saving
Establishing stability. Managing turnarounds. Ensuring sustainable growth.
Dipl.-Bw. (BA) John Persch |

Senior Partner

John Persch

John Persch is an IfUS certified restructuring and reorganisation consultant with 13 years of experience in the transformation and reorganisation of mainly medium-sized and international companies. As a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, he predominantly rescues situations in his mandates that, if left unchanged, would amount to the payment of a penalty, margin-destroying expeditionary costs or the loss of the customer relationship.

A proven expert in end-to-end value streams, he solves the causes of too late, too slow, too cumbersome, no resources, incomplete deliveries or too expensive where they originate. His credo is that ideal behaviour achieves ideal results. This behaviour is implemented sustainably in all functions from R&D to sales, the supply chain including production to service after sales using the established means of Toyota-inspired change management. He turns works councils into partners in the transformation.

Prior to his freelance work, Mr. Persch was a member of the management board of a northern German machine and plant manufacturer. At the same time, he was the only European member of the Global Change Management Committee of a leading US fluid media company listed on the S&P 500. His working process standardisation was rolled out in the group at 50 locations in 18 states. He began his career in 1996 as a management consultant in mandates with well-known companies with challenging tasks.

Since 2017, Mr Persch has been working as an interim manager. Reducing working capital in the three-digit million range or project rescues with contractual penalties in the high double-digit million range are not unusual for him. He has repeatedly succeeded in increasing output by a factor of 2.5 without investing in new machines or employees. In the event of problems in the supply chain that threaten the existence of the client, Mr Persch often rolls up his sleeves on site at local contract manufacturers and defines local improvement measures.

In his private life, he enjoys spending time with his family. Their shared hobbies are SUP boarding on northern German and Dutch waters and the sociable preparation of fancy meals with family or friends.

His reference book “Unternehmensziel Unabhängigkeit – Management in disruptive Zeiten” was published by Vahlen in early 2022.

Since December 2021, Mr Persch has been an associate partner at F&P Executive Solutions AG, where he strengthens various industry and competence groups. John Persch became a partner at F&P AG in July 2022.

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