M.Sc. Tobias Reichert

Your F&P expert for Supply Chain Management.


Consulting and project management:

  • Restructuring of purchasing departments and processes
  • Automation and digitalisation in purchasing
  • Supplier management
  • Increase in SOTD
  • Cost reduction


Industry Expertise

  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Hydraulics industry
  • Pump industry
  • Mechanical processing (turning, milling)
  • Primary and secondary forming (casting, forging)

M.Sc. Tobias Reichert

Tobias Reichert is an expert in restructuring, reorganisation and performance improvement and assurance in the area of purchasing and supply chain. His experience ranges from small and medium-sized enterprises to globally operating corporations with turnovers of over 3,000 M€.

Mr. Reichert has worked very successfully as a purchasing and operations manager for leading companies in the hydraulics and pump industry, among others. His field of activity included not only German but also foreign locations with purchasing volumes of up to 85 M€ for which he was responsible.

The focus was on supplier (risk) management as well as securing supply and the associated reduction of production downtimes, avoidance of penalty payments and increasing customer satisfaction. The procurement markets extend far beyond Germany and Central Europe and include Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Turkey as well as the Chinese and Indian markets.

Through this proactive supplier management, a strategic orientation as well as automation and digitalisation of purchasing, processes were demonstrably streamlined, simplified and thus made more efficient and secure. This helped to ensure supply reliability of over 90% in the banking crisis of 2008, as well as in the Covid pandemic. In the normal market environment, stable SOTDs of over 95% were achieved.

Another focus is on team building and cross-divisional cooperation. Here, new processes were implemented through new approaches in the cooperation between purchasing, design, QA and production, which were able to significantly shorten the lead time of projects, which in turn contributed to significant cost savings during project implementation and to increasing customer satisfaction.

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