Dipl.-Ing. / MBA Wilhelm Dahm

Senior Partner

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Dipl.-Ing. / MBA Wilhelm Dahm

Your F&P expert for restructuring and reorganization


Project and interim management:

  • Expertise in sales and marketing,
  • structure and process analysis,
  • restructuring and process optimisation,
  • Project management

Industry Expertise

  • Civil aviation,
  • medical technology,
  • pharmaceutical industry,
  • X-ray systems,
  • technical building equipment,
  • electrical industry
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Dipl.-Ing. / MBA Wilhelm Dahm |

Senior Partner

Wilhelm Dahm

Certif. Redevelopment and Restructuring Consultant.

Wilhelm Dahm, born in Koblenz / Rhine, is a proven sales expert with a special affinity for restructuring and process optimisation. He graduated with a degree in communications engineering (FH Koblenz) and completed an additional MBA qualification at the University of Liverpool. He started his professional career as a commissioning engineer for civil air navigation systems at Standard Elektrik Lorenz AG in Stuttgart (which later became ALCATEL and Thales).

After his duties in dealing with safety-critical systems, he developed in his further career from a technical career (Standard Elektrik Lorenz AG) to a consultant for the United Nations in Peru (International Civil Aviation Organisation), to a sales manager in Latin America and the Middle East, to a sales manager, authorised signatory (Becker Flugfunkwerk) and managing director (ERNI AG).

During his professional career, he was able to gather extensive knowledge in the field of sales and marketing, but also in the field of project and product management and to expand it as a project manager for major international project managers, which enables him to set clear guidelines and to follow them consistently with his team. He is convincing due to his great expertise and clear management structures.

He has many years of experience in personnel management and motivation. He was able to expand his leadership experience as a sales manager in the course of his career and develop a style that enables him to communicate with employees, customers and business partners at eye level and to establish a working relationship based on trust and respect within a short period of time. His professional experience enables Mr. Dahm to move confidently and competently on the international stage and in cultural circles.

Since 2014, Mr Dahm has worked as an interim manager in a project as managing director in Switzerland (ERNI AG) as well as in a restructuring project at Jenoptik Robot GmbH, where some organisational changes became necessary due to the international realignment.

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