Task definition

  • UK country organization in severe deficit
  • Appointed by CCO as new managing director after separation from predecessor
  • Failed launch of innovation to be fixed by successful relaunch
  • Realign organization & resolve compliance issues

Industry / Function / Environment

  • Pharmaceutical Company
  • Managing Director
  • Country Organization United Kingdom & Ireland
  • Insufficient preparation of UK market for launch of the company’s key innovation, in addition insufficient NHS market access
  • Lack of growth through innovation leads to sales far below budget and at the same time to high costs due to lack of project focus and too large sales organization: Annual loss of €8 million
  • Managing director with non-transparent and directive management style, lack of cooperation and alignment in the management board
  • Violation of compliance regulations led to 3 failed external audits with the announcement of risk for getting under close control by UK regulatory authority
  • Transformation of the UK organization by introduction of a lean marketing & sales structure (-50 employees) and a new company culture led to cross-functional working and significantly increased employee motivation & commitment
  • Tenfold increase of key innovation market share within 3 years by refocusing the marketing & sales strategy on specialty doctors in hospital and joint working with NHS
  • Fourth external compliance audit passed, thus no restriction of business activities by UK regulatory authority
  • Increase in profitability of UK business from -23% to +27% within 3 years (+€19 million EBITA)
  • Family-owned German pharmaceutical company with international presence and sales of €1.5 billion and 4,500 employees worldwide in 2021
  • 180 employees in UK & Ireland after successful restructuring in the project