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For complex projects on a temporary basis, we are happy to provide you with our F&P industry experts with several years of experience.

Interim Management

For complex projects on a temporary basis, we are happy to provide you with our F&P industry experts with several years of experience.

Our interim managers have years of experience and are field-tested to solve “hands-on” problems for you. For complex transformation projects, we can also put together interim teams that are coordinated with each other and integrate perfectly into your corporate structures.

Full Service Interim Management in Transformation and across the Value Chain

  • Anchoring the digital transformation in the relevant operational areas
  • Implementation of change management projects in the operational business units
  • Operational implementation of restructuring projects
  • Intermittent project assignments in operational and supporting functional areas
  • Filling temporary management positions on the 1st and 2nd management level of industrial companies
  • Interim filling of CxO positions as CRO, CEO, CMO, COO, etc.

Case Studies

Here you will find current case studies of various interim management CEO assignments.

Turnaround UK Organization

Turnaround of an industrial packaging division

Management of the electrical industry and relocation of production

What is Interim Management?

Interim management is the temporary assignment of a freelance, external temporary manager or project manager in a company to take over temporary management and/or specialist tasks at first or second management level.

The assignment takes place in various fields of activity, including for example restructuring and reorganisation, digital transformation, business transformation or in operational functional areas along the value chain.

Why F&P Interim Management?

Thanks to our USP, F&P AG can not only provide you with interim managers for limited periods of time and projects, but also with well-coordinated teams along the entire value chain for complex change projects.

Our interim partnership supports industrial companies with the know-how, expertise and many years of practical experience of our partners. The focus of our assignments lies in the analysis of your business areas, the creation and implementation of concepts as well as in the bridging of vacant positions.

F&P Executive Solutions has been an Associate Partner of the umbrella organisation Deutsches Interim Management (DDIM) since 2015 and has consistently been one of the main sponsors of the annual DDIM Congress since 2017.

DDIM. Regional in München

The strengths of F&P Interim Management

Thanks to our extensive experience in project management and the application of modern management approaches, we are able to solve the tasks assigned to us in a targeted manner with the help of our interim managers. One of our particular strengths is the unique selling point of an interim management firm.

Here we are one of the best-known German associations of experts. As a result, our interim managers receive professional support and continuous professional and methodological training. The advantages for the client are flexible solutions from well-rehearsed partner teams.

The goals of F&P Interim Management

With the help of suitable interim managers from F&P Executive Solutions AG, our aim is to provide our clients with flexible support in implementing complex projects within a clearly defined period of time.

Our particular strengths enable us to meet all entrepreneurial challenges and to solve our clients’ tasks reliably, quickly and in a goal-oriented manner.

Our fields of application and functional areas

Business Transformation
Digital Transformation
Restructuring & Reorganization
Product & Innovation
Supply Chain

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Do you still have questions about interim management and the fields of application of interim managers? Then you are sure to find the right answer in our FAQ.

Interim managers are freelancers who work for different companies on temporary projects. They are characterised by the fact that they can immediately provide operational and temporary support to companies without a long training period due to their many years of operational experience at the 1st and 2nd management level and their extensive specialist knowledge.

For companies, an interim manager makes sense when there is an exceptional situation, such as bridging a vacant position due to the loss of a manager or a transitional need for expertise that is not sufficiently available in the company or due to bottlenecks in necessary projects. In such a situation, companies need to react quickly and fill the bottleneck with an external expert. Interim managers close the know-how and capacity gaps quickly and sustainably.

In contrast to management consultancy, the interim manager assumes operational and/or administrative responsibility in a company. His task is to implement and complete operational measures and tasks. In the case of consulting, on the other hand, proposals, concepts and methods are developed which the client must implement independently. In both cases, broad, sector-specific and external knowledge is required to support companies in solving problems. F&P specialises in both consulting and interim management.

The increasing flexibility of the working world with advancing digitalisation and scarce resources means that management capacities and know-how cannot be kept in-house indefinitely. Interim managers are increasingly taking over the implementation of mandates when project capacities are scarce and special know-how is required. Interim managers are usually available quickly and deliver measurable results and implementable solutions from day one.

As a company, you not only have the advantage that experts with industry-relevant expertise are available to you at short notice, but also the opportunity to save on personnel costs. During the project, no additional costs arise for you as a company due to wages, illness or holidays.

Interim managers take on responsibility in various areas of a company. These include all managerial positions, such as departmental or divisional management. However, the experts are also often used as management or board members in crisis management, in the restructuring phase and in the reorganisation of companies in difficulties.

In general, it can be said that the use of an interim manager does not necessarily have to be limited to large corporations. The use of an interim manager can also be worthwhile for medium-sized companies.

Interim management is becoming increasingly popular in Germany. This is probably also due to the fact that interim managers can be deployed in all industries. No matter whether in mechanical and plant engineering, in the automotive industry or in the consumer goods industry. An assignment is possible in almost all areas.

The duration of an interim management assignment depends entirely on what kind of assignment it is. Usually it starts at 3 months, but it can last up to 18 months. So you can say that the assignment can last 7 – 12 months on average.

Many consultancies, especially in the IT sector, are used to working remotely with their clients, unlike interim managers. Increasing digitalisation and the hype surrounding video conferencing via Microsoft Teams and ZOOM have made it possible for interim managers to work remotely rather than on-site in a wide range of projects. This trend will continue and provide an enormous growth spurt in the medium to long term. The advantage for interim managers is that they no longer have to work 4-5 days away from the family. The acceptance of interim management as well as digital project management will increasingly increase.

In order to successfully complete an interim management mandate, it helps to first define the objectives precisely. It is also important to know the risks and to involve the employees in the project with extensive communication. The neutrality and experience of the seasoned interim manager is just as decisive for success as his excellent management and communication skills.

To start the search for the right interim manager, it usually helps to search your own network. When making your selection, you should make sure that sufficient experience is available. It is also always helpful to read reference projects of interim experts before making a decision. Alternatively, it is a good idea to commission specialised interim management providers with the search for suitable interim managers and industry experts. Platforms for the acquisition of interim managers are also becoming increasingly important. These have significant cost advantages, but also entail enormous risks, as the intermediaries accompany the process before, during and in the expiry phase of the mandate and provide the client with legal certainty and place managers who are a perfect fit, which can sometimes significantly increase efficiency.

How much an interim manager costs depends on various factors, for example the duration of the assignment or the task. However, a guideline for the daily rate of an interim manager is 1% of the annual gross salary of a permanent employee in a comparable position.

To be successful in interim management, one should ideally have professional experience of at least 20 years. In addition, an interim manager should also have a good network, be flexible and be willing to take a risk.

An interim manager takes on temporary project and/or management tasks in companies. Here, care must be taken to disprove any appearance of bogus self-employment through clear provable facts. The interim manager acts independently and is not disciplined within the client’s organisation. He is a specialist who works on a project basis and completes special tasks quickly, comprehensively and sustainably. His project tasks usually include the conception and implementation of new processes and procedures, which are later continued by the organisation and permanent employees. Interim managers often act as crisis managers who avert crises, avoid insolvencies, restructure companies or manage transformation and growth projects. The interim manager comes to go, a cliché that is true in many cases.

Interim management providers are sales specialists who are strong in client acquisition and manage the “perfect match” between the client and the appointed interim manager or expert. They accompany both stakeholders throughout the entire mandate and ensure impeccable quality of the interim management service. Interim law firms are different. They are an association of interim managers and industry experts who all have many years of experience and whose type of income is not the commercial placement of third parties but who are themselves placed on mandates.

Interim management firms are characterised by the fact that they can provide entire teams of experts, similar to consulting firms, with the difference that they not only create concepts but also go into the operative implementation of these concepts. In contrast to interim management providers, the experts employed by the firm are professionally qualified in an academy and work with standardised tools and methods in order to be able to handle complex client projects. Interim management firms vouch for the highest manager and thus project quality.

Not at all. Strategic partnerships are increasingly forming between interim management providers and interim management firms, as it is only possible to prevail against pitching consultancies as a team, especially in pitches. F&P AG has concluded numerous cooperation agreements with renowned providers and emphasises the advantages both sides have from this special form of cooperation.

Interim managers are freelancers and it is this characteristic that clearly distinguishes them from permanently employed managers. As entrepreneurs, they must protect themselves against all risks and establish their own company very professionally on the market or, for example, market themselves openly to the outside world under the umbrella of a professional interim management provider. This market power distinguishes associations of managers into a strong community in the form of an interim management partnership.

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