Process and organisational consulting

Why process and organisational consulting are so important

A company is a complex interaction of different workflows, processes and functional areas. Therefore, it is particularly important to work together efficiently in order to achieve the set goals. In systematic organisational consulting, the actions and processes in a company are scrutinised and analysed by an external consultant. Our specialists in this area have various process management methods at their disposal that offer solutions for the entire organisation and do not just focus on individual departments or processes, as is the case with classic management consulting.

When is process and organisational consulting right?

Should we then plan for change when things are going well or when they are not? The answer is – it can be just the right time in both cases.

  1. Business is not going as desired: if this is the case, it is essential to check whether the organisation still meets the requirements of the customers and the market. The set-up of your organisation determines all the important parameters of your business: how fast can I produce, how fast can I deliver, how well can I offer my customers a service that stands out from my competitors? Here at F&P we speak of the so-called lean process organisation, in which the process-oriented way of working is what makes successful companies. Against this background, we often also speak of an agile organisation.
  2. Business is running satisfactorily: Here you have the opportunity to take a close look at brand development, competitors and your own goals and to consider which steps will ensure continuous growth in the future. Rebuilding an organisation takes time – therefore you should not only have the next 3 months in mind.

Whichever of the two situations occurs – such a change needs to be very well thought through and planned. Here, discussion with an outside sparring partner with organisational consulting can be very helpful. This is because this person is not involved in the day-to-day business and can look at all parts of the company very objectively.

Embracing Agile Processes

Those who already have purposeful and efficient process chains in their organisation still have to face the challenge that their processes should be able to adapt meaningfully to varying demands from the market or from their own organisation. Adjusting screws of a successful process organisation

  • Keep the efficiency of the processes high and improve them as much as possible.
  • Avoid bureaucratic rigidity in everyday business and still act in a rule-based way.
  • To safeguard the process against disruptions and to have already defined alternative courses of action for disruptions.
  • To have trained the organisation to deal with the processes in such a way that it finds its way back into the regular process paths as quickly as possible after the end of the disruption.
  • The process responsibilities are to be defined for the core processes such as “order to cash” or “plan to produce” and a few other selected core processes.
  • The sub-process strands are to be assigned to the core processes.
  • Organisational linkage via defined process managers is to be established’
  • Install a Head of Business Process Management who implements the successful process organisation together with the heads of the technical and functional areas.
  • Consideration of professional and disciplinary guidelines.

In a process-oriented, learning organisation, such issues are considered, systematically developed and implemented as part of the management tasks. But how does the business organisation obtain the necessary skills?

Process and organisational consulting by experienced experts from F&P AG

As experienced managers and consultants, we at F&P have been successfully providing consulting and support for the revision, optimisation and re-design of business processes and lean, efficient organisations in various industries for more than ten years

No matter whether entire process chains in sales, i.e. in the core process order-to-cash or in the supply chain with the responsible plan-to-produce core processes or different, individual functional areas such as marketing, controlling, warehouse management, purchasing, production, etc. are considered, we from F&P guide you through the process analysis and accompany the process adaptation in all phases of development and implementation.

Since we follow a holistic approach to success, we create the process development and the corresponding measures for the implementation and adaptation of the organisational structures together with you as the project manager and ensure that these are implemented quickly.

Case studies as reference projects Through successfully completed projects, F&P’s experts have already put several organisations on a profitable and goal-oriented path with their industry and specialist knowledge. Read more about this in our case studies and see for yourself.

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