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Sector experts for industry & commerce and other key sectors

Together, our partners and associate partners contribute to the growth of our clients in the industrial & commercial, pharmaceutical, private equity, IT, and industrial engineering sectors, as well as that of our company. Our deliberately chosen legal form of the first Interim Manager AG in the market guarantees the highest quality standards for decision-makers. Our partners are entrepreneurs and view all challenges and goals of our clients through the “client’s glasses”. We are all united by our operational experience, so that we pursue our goals with our clients on an equal footing. The services of F&P Executive Solutions stand for excellent best practice solutions for the most demanding industrial, commercial and private equity clients. The synergy of commercial, technical-orientated as well as scientific training of the shareholders and partners are, in addition to the professional and industry-specific experience and specialisation of many years, the basis for jointly developed highly efficient industry solutions with sophisticated methods, tools and implementation concepts.