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Business Transformation with F&P

In today’s world, companies need to be increasingly innovative and adaptable in order to compete successfully in the market. Business transformation optimises a company’s operations and processes to increase productivity while reducing costs.

How Business Transformation can make your business competitive again

A successful transformation will help your organisations develop in a positive direction in the long term. Our experts anchor the new strategy in all company processes and with all employees.

With the help of modern technologies and methods, the industry experts of F&P ensure that your company becomes more efficient and competitive with new structures.

We support the following areas of a business transformation organisation:

Efficiency increase

Identifying operational weaknesses in key business functions.

M&A / Post Merger Integration

Smooth integration after the merger of two or more separate companies.

Change Management

Sustainable change in the company with people as the decisive change factor.

Human Resources

Optimal use of your employees’ manpower. Increase the motivation and efficiency of their human capital for the benefit of the company’s success.

Case Studies

Here you can find current case studies of various business transformation assignments.

Merger of 2 companies

Multi-project management Corporate management

Process optimisation in Steel Service Center

Business Transformation:
Advantages with F&P

Our experts stand for holistic, practice-oriented solutions along the entire value chain.

  • Business Transformation Consulting
    We are professionals in consulting and aligning manufacturing companies to agile process organisations using the latest change management tools & methods

  • Interim Manager Business Transformation
    Our interim managers help you to successfully implement transformation approaches so that new structures become rooted in your company in the long term.

Our fields of application and functional areas

Business Transformation
Digital Transformation
Restructuring & Reorganization
Product & Innovation
Supply Chain
Interim Management
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