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In consulting, generally only concepts are created that are operationally executed either by interim managers or by management teams. Due to the unique selling proposition of F&P, our partners do not only take over the consulting activity, but also enter your company operationally in order to manage complex tasks in a target-oriented way.

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FuP Interim Management

Interim Management

In order to implement the consultants’ solution proposals in practice, companies hire interim managers. They bridge vacant positions in a company and have the ability to view your company from the outside. Our industry experts have already managed a large number of successful projects by implementing measures and solution proposals in the company in a results-oriented manner.

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F&P Executive Solutions AG is an association of freelance managers to form a consulting and interim management firm. We provide well-rehearsed interim expert teams in a wide range of client projects. Our comprehensive range of services focuses on the consumer and capital goods industry with all B2C and B2B sales channels.

Our USP in the Interim Management market is that we have been assembling not just individual experts, but well-coordinated teams of experts along the value chain of industrial companies for over a decade. We are Microsoft Partner since 2012, worked 100% digitally from anywhere to provide unique service to our customers.

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