Optimising your value chain is our focus

Increasing performance through operational excellence

We take a holistic view of the value chain and design the processes in your company with an intelligent strategy. We also offer comprehensive support in achieving your corporate goals. We specialise in analysing the entire value chain in cooperation with our clients and modelling a process house according to the latest BPM methods. This applies to the areas of the demand side such as product management, marketing and sales as well as to the areas of supply chain & logistics and production on the supply side.

We work with your IT or service provider to ensure that the system follows the process and not the other way around. The expertise of our partners extends to the operational functional areas of your company as well as to the supporting areas. We understand about the digitalisation of processes as well as the alignment of your organisation to a process-oriented organisation. This is accompanied by considerable change. Therefore, we also offer to provide you with experienced change agents so that the change is well prepared and successfully implemented. However, you may want to reorganise individual departments first. We offer modular solutions that do not lose sight of the overall goal of achieving high operating margins. Thanks to our experience and our professional approach, we ensure sustainable success in your company.

F&P Executive Solutions AG - Company brochure 2021

Operational excellence in consulting/project management and interim management solutions in the operational functional areas of your value chain

Marketing & Sales

The satisfaction of your customers, the positioning of your company and brands determine our methodology, concepts and proposed solutions

Product & Innovation

We support you in the areas of engineering & product development, research & innovation and product management, among others

Supply Chain, Purchasing, Logistics & Production

Optimising the value chain in supply chain management

IT | SAP | ERP Project Management

Optimising the Value Chain through Comprehensive IT Consulting

Controlling & Finance

We work hand in hand with your finance and controlling departments to evaluate the EBIT effects of all measures

Interim solutions for our clients

Here is an overview of our cross-divisional range of services

Your contacts for Expertise