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Optimising the value chain in sales

Our knowledgeable sales experts optimise your touchpoints with new and existing customers. The focus is on building long-term customer relationships and increasing your sales.

Sales consulting by F&P Executive Solutions AG: Your advantages

We make your distribution competitive again.

  • Our consultants understand how to generate added value for your customers and your company.
  • All F&P experts have 10 years of management experience in both medium-sized and large companies.
  • We are experts in process optimisation and efficiency enhancement.
  • Our sales managers have several years of experience in the field of employee motivation.

F&P Executive Solutions AG stands for practice-oriented, holistic solutions.

Product innovation

Developing intelligent solutions for new, market- and customer-oriented offers and opening up new business areas for existing products.

Sales Consultancy

Analysis of the weak points of your sales and marketing processes with the F&P Quick Scan. Consulting of our first-class F&P managers including target definition.

Interim Manager Sales

Implementation of marketing and sales concepts by our experienced interim managers.

Case Studies

The F&P industry experts have already successfully carried out several projects. Get more information about the task, the implementation and the result of these reference projects in our Case studies on our website.

New sales structure for company in liquidation

Turnaround through new sales strategy

Turnaround UK Organization

Services provided by F&P in the area of sales

Sales strategy and management

The decisive factor in the sales strategy is clarity about the objectives, because this results in different strategies.

Price management

Price management is the analysis, planning, setting, implementation and control of prices and conditions.

Increasing efficiency in sales

Increase your company’s impact through targeted measures within this five-point portfolio by excellent sales experts from F&P Executive Solutions.


Internationalisation of companies thus means that entrepreneurial activities are extended beyond national borders.

Our fields of application and functional areas

Business Transformation
Digital Transformation
Restructuring & Reorganization
Product & Innovation
Supply Chain

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