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F&P management consulting and management consulting by experienced experts

Our partnership company, which operates as an AG, offers you professional transformation management as well as comprehensive consulting for the optimization of operational functional areas along the entire value chain. The know-how of our experts is characterized by a wide range of project experience and successfully applied solution approaches. This enables us to provide your company with optimal support and future-oriented consulting. We are also prepared for complex project situations; our quick scan allows us to efficiently determine the strengths and weaknesses of your company.

We are professionals in aligning manufacturing companies to agile process organizations incorporating the latest change management tools & methods.

If the structures of a company are to be sustainably optimized, far-reaching change processes are often necessary. A forward-looking strategy or a change of perspective are important prerequisites for achieving the desired success. Our business consulting and management consulting solutions can help you improve processes.


  • Smooth transition during mergers or restructuring by F&P integration and change management experts
  • Competent help for restructuring processes and potential sources of disruption
  • Shortening of the transition phase


  • Implementation of future-oriented solutions for the digital transformation of companies
  • Conceptual design and active implementation of digitalization
  • Knowledge exchange through our research professors in the fields of Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security

Our special projects in consulting

Reorganization & Restructuring

Our consulting spectrum in essential functional areas

Product & Innovation

Supply Chain, Purchasing, Logistics & Production

IT, SAP & ERP Project management

F&P Executive Solutions AG
Consulting & Interim Management Company

Interim Management

F&P Executive Solutions AG
Interim Management Lösungen

The strengths of F&P Consulting

We stand out from the multitude of consulting firms in that we are an association of freelance consultants and thus entrepreneurs. Our consultants have at least 10 years of operational management experience at the 1st and 2nd management level or significant experience as industry project managers. Unlike many consulting firms that provide teams of senior partners and operationally inexperienced junior consultants, we consistently speak the language of the decision makers. Transparency is part of our philosophy, as we value that all our processes can be followed step by step.

The goals of F&P Management Consulting

The customer and his needs are the focus of F&P, therefore we attach great importance to a trustful management consulting and a partnership exchange on eye level with the executives and the staff of our customers. We always keep the agreed goal of our client in mind during the mandate and solve the tasks of our clients reliably, quickly and goal-oriented.

Management consulting in transformation projects and along the entire value chain

Our fields of application in management consulting

The strengths and core competencies of F&P Executive Solutions AG lie in transformation management in the areas of business transformation, digital transformation and reorganization and turnaround. Our experienced consultants help you to work out solutions and concepts in the areas of marketing & sales, product & innovation, supply chain, purchasing, logistics & production, IT, SAP & ERP project management, as well as in controlling, finance and risk management. We also dovetail projects across the entire industrial value chain of manufacturing companies.

Our other Consulting & Interim Management topics

F&P AG can offer you business consulting and management consulting from experienced experts, but can also provide entire teams. Learn more about possible areas of application, roles of a management consultant and industry competencies we can offer you. If you have a need for operational managers, our interim management solutions offer this full service from consulting to the implementation of concepts from a single source.

The F&P Management Consulting Process

  1. Analysis
  2. Concept
  3. Implementation

The first step of F&P’s management consulting is a non-binding consultation. We first want to get to know your situation and define the associated challenges and goals for the role to be filled. In addition, we will show you possible employment opportunities. We will then provide you with a quotation with detailed services, goals and a schedule.

We then bring ourselves up to date with an as-is analysis, taking a closer look at your company’s current situation and determining important key figures. After that, we jointly set the goals to be achieved and a schedule.

We then create solutions and concepts. For this purpose, we use our Operational Quick-Scan, as it screens the strengths and weaknesses of a company and provides initial recommendations for action. Our business consultants design integrated solutions through transparency of financial implications and operational views of change.

The final step is that we implement the concepts and solutions created in your company. We record all processes in writing so that you can follow the consulting process at any time. The extent to which targets have been implemented is also continuously visible through our transparent management consulting.

During the follow-up phase, the entire process is put to the test. In particular, the focus is on the development of objectives. Even after goals have been achieved, further meetings can take place, as we want to anchor the results permanently in your company.

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Our network consists of industry experts with expertise in numerous sectors. Through our ongoing growth as consultants, we continue to expand our industry expertise.

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Consulting FAQ

Frequently asked questions about management consulting can be found here in our FAQ.

Management consulting refers to the solution of business problems through interaction of external, independent persons or consulting organizations and clients.

The main activity of a management consultancy is to provide experts who can improve the processes of a company through solutions and concepts. In doing so, structures of companies often have to be changed sustainably.

After a consultation in which the situation and goals are clarified, management consultants conduct an analysis and diagnose possible problems of the company. This is usually followed by the concept presentation. Classical management consultants do not usually implement this concept. However, F&P offers interim managers who can serve as project managers and implement concepts.

Our consultants are both interim managers and industry experts who have over 10 years of operational leadership and project management experience and have already worked in numerous positions. This allows us not only to create solution concepts, but also to implement them at the request of the customer.

In 2020, around 184,000 management consultants will be working in 25,000 consulting firms in Germany.

A degree with a business focus is usually a must. Our applicants go through a process with strict selection criteria which, in addition to an academic title, also include ten or more years of professional experience in C-level positions and several years of experience as a freelancer.

Feel free to contact us for information on the hourly rate of our consultants.

Due to the many different types of requests, it can vary depending on the task and the customer’s needs. Consulting mandates can last a few weeks or even a whole year.

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