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Optimisation of the value chain in the field of
Supply Chain Management

Our company was founded in 2009 by experienced supply chain managers. After numerous successful supply chain mandates, our expertise in this area ranges from purchasing, material procurement, distribution and logistics to production.

Factors such as disruption and globalisation of supply chains have made it clear how valuable a crisis-proof and stable supply chain is for a company.

Whether structural improvement, or outsourcing, our experts will find the perfect tailor-made solution for you that will benefit your business.

For particularly complex projects, we are happy to put together well-coordinated supply chain expert teams that work across divisions.

We support the following supply chain areas

Supply Chain Optimisation Consumer Goods Industry

The supply chain is the backbone of your company’s value creation, regardless of whether it is a manufacturing or service industry.
It is the supply chain that makes marketable services available to buyers.

Next generation supply chain management

Our special range of services includes excellent supply chain solutions for the permanent implementation of ECR / CPFR concepts, i.e. state-of-the-art supply chain instruments.

Supply Chain Optimisation Capital Goods Industry

Sustainable change in the company with people as the decisive change factor.

Sales Operations

Against the background of a holistic view of marketing and the need to provide a uniform, customer-oriented overall picture of the company in all customer contacts (customer journey), the operational management of sales and customer services is becoming increasingly important in the value creation process.


In many companies the daily challenge of having goods and services in the right place at the right time in the right quantity and quality dominates. This includes looking at their own logistics as a whole and those of their partners in the supply chain.


IT systems have long since taken over the handling of demand ordering, compliance with minimum order quantities and price management. There is no longer any room for reservations that development can again only bring products to maturity whose parts can be procured cheaply by purchasing.


The entire value chain begins with the delivery of the materials. This is followed by the incoming goods inspection by quality assurance and the storage of the materials by internal logistics. Only then does the actual manufacturing of the products begin. Intralogistics supplies the various production sites.

Core competencies of F&P supply chain experts

  • Optimisation of procurement, production and logistics networks
  • Inventory optimisation (WIC), stock reduction, release of working capital, reduction of safety buffers in line with the sales situation
  • Implementation of Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) or Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR)
  • Establishment of necessary controlling tools to manage the supply chain
  • Optimisation of processes, procedures and structures in purchasing and production
  • Implementation of concepts by experienced interim managers

Case Studies

Here you will find current case studies of various supply chain projects.

Turnaround in Crisis

Process optimisation wire production

Implementation of an AV for S&I actions

Our fields of application and functional areas

Business Transformation
Digital Transformation
Restructuring & Reorganization
Product & Innovation
Supply Chain

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