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Digital transformation along the entire
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The digital transformation of companies is increasingly becoming the focus of the management of medium-sized companies. This topic is omnipresent in the management floors. The digital transformation of companies opens up numerous opportunities in the tough battle for customers.

However, without a strategic approach, it can also be fraught with some stumbling blocks. The highly complex subject matter requires careful planning and implementation. So consulting with industry experts can be very helpful in helping you achieve a successful digital transformation.

Digital Transformation
through experienced executives

  • Efficient analysis of your company through the F&P Quick Scanto work out quick wins in the field of digitalisation
  • Our experts can not only advise, but also have the operational experience to implement strategies
  • For complex digitisation projects, we are happy to put our well-coordinated teams of experts at your disposal

We support the following areas of Digital Transformation

Digital Business Leadership

To remain successful, entrepreneurs must be able to flexibly adapt to the constant changes in the markets through an agile culture. Flexibility and the ability to react quickly are essential nowadays.

Customer Journey

Customer Journey Management describes the whole process of accompanying a potential buyer until the purchase of the product. The aim is to optimise all contact points, for example with a product or a brand, of a buyer with the company.

Digital strategies

Many companies already rely on automated processes. But digitalisation goes one step further and links different data from a wide range of sources.

Digital business models

Essentially, the digital business model sets the blueprint for how a company does business on a digital platform. The longer a model proves itself, the more often it will be imitated by other companies.

Digital product development

Key external and internal success factors for companies do not change. These include positioning or strategic focus in the market, but also core competencies and generating relevant added value for the customer.

Digital Processes & Agile Organisations

Political, social and technological developments regularly lead to changes in companies. If you want to remain competitive, you have to be able to react and adapt quickly to changing conditions.

Case Studies

Here you can find current case studies of various Digital Transformation deployments.

ERP introduction and digitization of processes in wholesale

Greenfield Implementation SAP S/4 HANA

Cultural change program in wholesale

Intelligent strategies and individual solutions

We recognise the potential that digital restructuring has for your business. We would be happy to advise you on which digital tools can be used to significantly optimise the processes in your company.

Our fields of application and functional areas

Business Transformation
Digital Transformation
Restructuring & Reorganization
Product & Innovation
Supply Chain
Human Resources

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