• Preparation of company sale
  • Product innovation in mechanical engineering and process development
  • Securing the entire workforce for spin-off and merger project

Industry/ Function

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Head of Business Unit
  • From large corporation to medium-sized company
  • Workshop lasting several days with managers and other key personnel
  • Development of future-proof product developments and processes
  • Core competence description and leadership
  • Initiation of lead projects and implementation
  • Market placement of innovations (digitalisation, product in the customer process, service development)

Reorganisation to strengthen customer-oriented sales work with engineering Establishment of cooperation networks (research, suppliers, key customers)

100% of the workforce change voluntarily, although a retention guarantee was offered

  • Successes later bring further developments incl. new site construction
  • New laboratory and production technology, new factory building for 300 employees
  • Modern core competences in development, sales, production
  • “Industry 4.0” technologies as early as 2001
  • Web-based service strategy with data analytics from plant operations