Task definition

  • Setting up the steering committees and project management
  • Identification of stakeholders and process owners
  • Drawing up a communication plan and implementing the communication measures
  • Impact and risk analysis and corresponding management

Industry / Function / Environment/ Expert

  • Production and trade
  • All functions internationally: from warehousing to purchasing, production, controlling, accounting and sales
  • S4/HANA introduction with greenfield approach
  • Dipl.-Kffr. Tina Schmidt


  • Multiple media disruptions
  • No aggregated management data available for the Group
  • Reaction to changes in demand / time-to-market too long
  • Situation after multiple acquisitions in the individual countries and merger with Spanish competitor
  • No uniform, cross-national process standards

Great unrest among the workforce after:

  1. Numerous structural changes in the past
  2. Recently failed ERP introduction
  3. Promises not implemented by the decision-making body
  • Clear communication of the need for the project and gradual creation of new majorities
  • Transparency about the process by designing and holding e.g. regular meetings, town hall meetings or publishing blogs / news on SharePoint
  • Decision preparation via individual discussions with stakeholders
  • Onboarding process owner
  • Enabling the implementation of the prepare, explore and discovery phase
  • Motivation via quick wins and potential savings
  • Development of a target state
  • International production and trading company
  • 3,400 FTE in 30 countries