Task definition

For the German subsidiary:

  • Return to performance promises of past years
  • Reduce complexity and bureaucracy
  • Integrate quality offensive into the program
  • Carry out employee training

Industry / Function / Environment/ Expert

  • International retail group
  • Increase customer focus and improve service quality
  • Wholesale
  • Dipl.-Kfm. Peter Spitlbauer

As a pioneer in earlier times, the group of companies was spoiled by success and became sluggish over time. Market conditions and consumer demands have changed.

The Executive Board has initiated a Group-wide program to counter these developments within the company.

To this end, the foundations for cultural change were to be developed, a quality offensive launched and employees trained. A rollout plan was also to be drawn up for the German national company.

  • The target image and the desired cultural changes were developed and documented.
  • The program was rolled out to all employees in several waves (train the trainer).
  • Implementation of special quality training for over 1,100 managers and employees in customer-facing areas (sales, logistics and customer service)
  • Net Promotor Score (NPS) improved
  • International wholesale company
  • approx. EUR 7.6 billion turnover and 2,700 employees in Germany