• Significantly increase reliability in global supply chains.
  • Establish appropriate processes.
  • Involve Asian suppliers.
  • Qualification of personnel and organisational changes.

Industry/ Function / Environment / Expert

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Managing Director, Interim CEO
  • Problem: Container deliveries contained material of poor quality. Rework and new deliveries delayed receipt of goods by up to three months. Safety stock was not a permanent solution.
  • Approach: Consistent use of 3D CAD data in quality assurance. Introduction of state-of-the-art digitisation technology in incoming goods inspection. Optical digitisation of component geometries.
  • Shift of quality inspection from goods receiving to the shipping process in Asia.
  • Application of the new digitisation technology in quality assurance before shipment.
  • Redescription of processes and responsibilities.
  • Integration of service providers in Asia.
  • Significant reduction of delivery times.
  • Optimisation of inventory ratios by dispensing with safety stocks.
  • Faster qualification of suppliers through early detection of component defects.
  • Effective cooperation between design and suppliers.
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