• Establishment of the first EMEA HQ for an American company, including site selection and expansion as well as recruitment

Industry/ Function

  • Food
  • Interim HR Director
  • M&A
  • Nothing available for an HQ
  • Selection & development of a suitable location for an EMEA headquarters (country, city, building), including examination of tax advantages for company and employees
  • Development of the organisational structure
  • Preparation of all necessary contractual and operational documents such as job descriptions, code of conduct (handbook) and, in cooperation with a lawyer, all contractual documents.
  • Recruitment of > 50 employees for Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and England.
  • Preparation and implementation of “onboarding events” for the new employees.
  • The new HQ was located in Amsterdam and handed over ready for occupancy in > 12 months, the client was enthusiastic about the execution of his ideas
  • All new staff were recruited and all documentation was completely redone for them
  • 80% of the sales staff was hired within 5 months to influence annual meetings
  • The goal of an international team was more than fulfilled with 13 different nationalities
  • 12 months after completion of the project, staff turnover was only < 10%