Task definition

  • Turnaround (volume and margin) of a product segment in the German-speaking market
  • Revision of value creation for the consumer
  • Alignment of the entire value chain with verified consumer benefits and efficiency

Industry / Function / Environment/ Expert

  • Food
  • Project Manager / Commercial Manager
  • International branded goods group
  • Christof B. Wewers
  • Market research: analysis & consolidation of value-giving brand / product characteristics
  • Introduction of LEAN ways of thinking & working in marketing, sales & logistics
  • Establishment and use of a working group of all Group departments involved
  • Systematic generation and evaluation of targeted improvement initiatives (DMAIC)
  • Review and implementation of improvement initiatives in individual projects
  • Development of an opportunistic line of business to strengthen the volume leverage
  • Realization of quick wins as a signal to the team and Group headquarters
  • + 80 % volume growth through opportunistic non-brand business
  • Focusing the brand range on 62% of the original number of article numbers
  • Halting volume erosion in the brand business and turnaround to new sales growth
  • Efficiency gains in formulations, packaging, transportation, warehousing, conditions load
  • Sustainably improved consumer acceptance through recipe adaptation & increased shelf presence
  • Exit the loss zone and build up an EBIT margin of > 3% in 24 months
  • Preparation for the addition of two attractive, profitable new products to the range
  • Winning a Group award for outstanding business performance
  • Award as TOP brand by trade & trade press
Dipl.-Kfm. Christof B. Wewers

Senior Partner

+49 40 8000 845 92 wewers@fup-ag.com