• Turnaround (volume and margin) of a product segment in the German-speaking market
  • Revision of value creation for the consumer
  • Alignment of the entire value chain with verified consumer benefit and efficiency

Industry/ Function

  • Food
  • Project Manager / Commercial Manager
  • International Branded Consumer Goods Group
  • Coordination of technological and process requirements between Opel and NSK Steering Systems, development of solutions with the development department of NSK Japan
  • Handling of all technical and commercial business processes between customer and NSK
  • Coaching of the engineers and technicians (up to now hydraulic technicians!) in development and plants
  • Coaching of the Japanese colleagues in European culture, ways of thinking and procedures
  • Intensive handling of all customer requests and complaints.
  • Fast and effective reaction to internal difficulties of the customer such as specification changes or leaps in demand.
  • On-schedule start of series production for the model changeover
  • Elimination of a massive technical complaint by the quality managers in the factories, caused by incomplete specifications of the new product due to lack of experience.
  • Sales ramp up to 100 million € /year
  • High customer satisfaction and reputation for NSK in the market, many new OEM contacts
  • You are my best supplier, unfortunately much too expensive! (Buyer GM/Opel)
Dipl.-Kfm. Christof B. Wewers

Senior Partner

+49 40 8000 845 92 wewers@fup-ag.com