• Integration of HR activities of a production facility of an international group into an American company
  • Change Management

Industry/ Function

  • Food
  • Interim HR Director
  • M&A
  • Determination of all necessary activities for initiation.
  • Recording the actual state in the selling company and working out the target state for the buying company.
  • Continuous coordination with the works council and all other relevant bodies or associations.
  • Elaboration of the cultural differences of the companies and definition of the target culture.
  • Leadership of an employee for the elaboration and implementation of all change measures for processes, tasks and cultural change.
  • Leading an employee to simultaneously align HR SAP with the buying company.
  • All transactions were successfully completed within the tight TSA
  • SAP HR redesign resulted in an internationally aligned tool
  • Through continuous change management, all employees were involved and the new company culture was positively introduced in the USA and Europe