• Planning and management of the roll-out, national and international, for the branches and head offices
  • Disposition and coordination of the changeover on site
  • Material procurement and staff expansion
  • Cost optimisation and increase in efficiency and profitability
  • Increasing quality and reliability

Industry/ Function / Environment / Expert

  • Retail (ophthalmic optics, hearing aids)
  • Project manager international rollout
  • Telecommunication system (branches) and contact centre (head offices)
  • Preparation and coordination of roll-out planning with management and stakeholders
  • Disposition of specialists (in cooperation with central departments), as well as optimisation of route planning
  • Ensuring a proper changeover on site
  • Remote support of the specialists and first escalation instance in case of problems
  • Extending the quality assurance of the services provided
  • Ensuring the timely procurement of materials
  • Expansion of the team of specialists and development of partnerships
  • Organisation of the market entry in the Czech Republic (experts, equipment of the head office, roll-out planning of the branches)
  • Optimisation of supporting back-office processes (e.g. ordering, stocking, shipping, etc.)
  • Smooth roll-out management
  • Cost reduction of about 26
  • Reduction of the error rate by approx. 18
  • Complete coverage of the roll-out area
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Establishment of alternative supply chains
  • Pan-European German public limited company with focus on consumer optics
  • Over 20,000 employees
  • Over 850 branches in Germany and other European countries
Dipl.-Inform. Wolfgang Schenk

Managing Partner

+49 40 8000 845 92 schenk@fup-ag.com