Task definition

  • Introduction of a new workplace concept with the move to a new office complex
  • Support for a communicative and creative way of working and interdisciplinary cooperation in projects
  • Flexibility for further staff expansion

Industry / Function / Environment/ Expert

  • Führendes Technologieunternehmen in der  Entwicklung und Massenproduktion von Premium-Lithium-Ionen Batteriezellen
  • Consultant und Change Manager
  • Björn Gresens


  • Fixed workstations in containers in standard 4- and 6-person offices
  • Many virtual meetings, few meeting rooms, home office
  • Interdisciplinary project work
  • Construction of a new office complex with open office space on the floors


  • Conducting workshops and surveys to determine the prevailing working methods
  • Presentation and evaluation of various workplace concepts
  • Formation of a project team of interested employees
  • Tours of modern and agile offices and showrooms
  • Selection of furniture concept and standardization of IT equipment
  • Coordination of rules for the workspaces
  • Intensive communication and information about the progress of the project
  • Sales growth & profit: sales target exceeded by 25% in the first quarter thanks to new customers, six-figure profit with the same staffing levels.
  • Efficient personnel planning: Dashboard overview of personnel requirements & status optimized resource deployment
  • Employee productivity optimization: Increased efficiency through determined employee productivity.
  • Fulfillment service provider with a renowned customer base.
  • 7 years on the market without profit