The takeover of the company by a competitor required:

  • Close management and motivation of the workforce to deliver current orders on time
  • Preparation of production transfer abroad and dissolution of the production site

Industry/ Function / Environment

  • Electronics manufacturer of airfield and runway lighting systems
  • Managing director
  • Aerospace industry
  • Confidence-building measures stood at the beginning of the mandate, which was achieved through open and transparent communication.
  • Employee motivation was achieved through intensive discussions and close contact. Personal needs were addressed and improved.
  • The transfer of the production site was achieved through a parallel build-up of production capacity abroad, training of staff and gradual transfer of work. Key personnel were motivated to work until the end of the order processing through a sophisticated bonus system.
  • On-schedule fulfilment of orders
  • Transfer of the production site abroad
  • No loss of turnover
  • Ensuring staff reductions without labour law disputes

Duration: 13 months

Dipl.-Ing. / MBA Wilhelm Dahm

Senior Partner

+49 171 8382534 dahm@fup-ag.com