• Foundation and development up to international market maturity
  • Establishment of the appropriate staff
  • Operational implementation of customer-specific requirements

Industry/ Function

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Managing partner
  • With bank debts to success
  • Business plan and partner agreements
  • Business strategy and persuasion of selected competitors, personnel development
  • Supplier selection and cooperation
  • Concentration on quick wins in turnover, from own development
  • Sales work with high professional and social competence
  • Exploiting competitive weaknesses, willpower and speed of implementation
  • Product development, laboratory operations, sales organisation, production of drives, vacuum pumps and compressors.
  • Extremely strong specialist sales, very customer- and solution-oriented. Fast in prototyping.
  • Break-even for own products after less than five years
  • Simple structures with high quality standards in processes and products
  • The company founded by the expert is successfully positioned on the market and well-known in the industry.