• Corporate merger of two locations with different systems and processes into one target company
  • Change management through optimization of positions
  • Ensure seamless invoicing

Industry/ Function / Environment / Expert

  • Food Wholesale
  • Improve cost efficiency and competitiveness
  • Reduce complexity
  • Change Manager
  • In the run-up, optimization of the ERP system of the target company
  • Transfer of mass data for reporting obligations during the year
  • Streamlining the organizational structure, e.g. by eliminating managing director positions
  • Create legal framework and prepare detailed changeover schedule
  • Harmonization or transition of processes to best practice
  • Simplify analyses by aligning article, customer and supplier numbers
  • Timely and accurate information of all business partners as well as the authorities
  • No business lost due to company merger and also no liquidity bottlenecks
  • Reduction of the product range
  • Cost reduction through reduction of personnel and decentralized responsibility
  • Uniform processes through use of a common ERP system
  • Medium-sized company in the beverage industry with around 600 employees at several locations in Germany
Dipl.-/Bank-Kfm. Michael Weßling

Senior Partner

+49 40 8000 845 92 wessling@fup-ag.com