Task definition

  • Increase in machine availability
  • Start-up of a new product
  • Mapping the processes in the ERP system
  • Organisation Project Management
  • Change management

Industry / Function / Environment

  • Plastics processing
  • Plant Manager
  • Productivity improvement / process optimisation
  • Production “black box”: no ERP use for controlling orders
  • Introduction of a reporting system for process steps in the ERP system
  • Replacing Excel lists with key figures
  • Preventive maintenance of machines by manufacturer
  • Continuous inline measurement of coating thickness
  • Restructuring of the AV with defined distribution of tasks
  • Revision of hall layout for new production line
  • Construction of an assembly and processing line for new product
  • Training of machine operators and line managers
  • Enlargement of the project team and revision of the distribution of tasks
  • Distribution of production responsibilities to 2 team leaders
  • Increase in machine availability by 18
  • Reduction of the reject rate by 14
  • Visualisation through key production figures
  • Use of the ERP system enables qualified statements on quantities and deadlines
  • Improved communication between the project team and the customer
  • Clear production line structure
  • Internationally active group in the field of plastics injection moulding and painting
    1,600 employees, € 150 million turnover
  • Takeover of the company after insolvency by US investor
  • Production and finishing of interiors and exteriors for various car manufacturers
Dipl.- Ing. Volker Schreiner

Senior Partner

+49 151 40083392 schreiner@fup-ag.com