Task definition

For the German national subsidiary:

  • Identification of growth potential
  • Improvement of the margin situation
  • Utilization of newly procured technologies by creating synergies
  • Adjustment of cost structures

Industry / Function / Environment/ Expert

  • Führendes Technologieunternehmen in der  Entwicklung und Massenproduktion von Premium-Lithium-Ionen Batteriezellen
  • Consultant und Change Manager
  • Björn Gresens
  • The investment in a new technology for the Group’s largest customer led to a considerable increase in fixed costs and significantly reduced EBIT.
  • Upcoming tenders for further key accounts further jeopardized the earnings situation due to the expected pressure on contribution margins.
  • The Group’s Executive Board expected a comprehensive program with the aim of identifying growth areas, improving the margin situation and reducing costs
  • In addition, further customers were to be converted to the new technology.
  • New growth areas were identified and successfully introduced
  • Margin improvements were achieved, particularly in the purchasing areas
  • By connecting additional customers to the new technology, route plans in transportation were adjusted and cost efficiency was sustainably improved.
  • Cost structures were adjusted by identifying the main cost drivers in the overhead cost areas.
  • The company’s EBT more than doubled compared to the long-term average.
  • International wholesale company
  • approx. EUR 7.6 billion turnover and 2,700 employees in Germany