• Development of sales structures
  • Solution development as early as the initial customer meeting
  • Modern product database, parametric design
  • Sample tests in the laboratory and in customer plants

Industry/ Function

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Head of Business Unit
  • Outsourcing with investment backlog
  • Training of sales staff (product and application technology, sales tactics)
  • Staff workshops and teams prepare for change/restructuring
  • Restructuring, formation of operative, cross-functional project groups
  • Introduction of modern means of communication, joint project rooms for project and technical groups
  • Change in management cultures
  • Product development, laboratory operations, sales organisation, production of drives and compressors.
  • Extremely strong specialist sales, very customer- and solution-oriented. Fast in prototyping.
  • Sales support in engineering, work in customers’ processes
  • Breaking down divisional barriers