Task definition

  • Professionalization of the organization, thereby establishing standards, processes and structures
  • Creation of economic transparency and decision orientation, taking into account economic / KPI-based criteria

Industry / Function / Environment

  • SME, E-commerce
  • Interim CFO
  • Vacancy bridging
  • Dipl.- Kfm. Frank Wedekind


  • Self-made entrepreneur with sufficient equity capital
  • No professional structures and processes in the financial area, no professional corporate management


  • Know how transfer and process description in accounting (preparatory accounting, chart of accounts, month-end closing, etc.)
  • Know how transfer and process description in controlling (variance analyses, reporting, planning, forecasting, etc.)
  • Professionalization and organizational development (assignment of roles, tasks, decision-making powers, etc.)
  • Development of strategy and corporate goals
  • Change management and coaching of young management and employees
  • Introduction of timely and meaningful monthly financial statements
  • Establishment of a corporate planning and budgeting process
  • Establishment of monthly reporting with target/actual comparison and mapping of the current economic status
  • Introduction of profitability analyses and business cases
  • Introduction of project management and identification of measures to support results
  • Sensitization of the entire organization to fact-based decisions, thus orientation towards economic action
  • SME, e-commerce
  • Customer portfolio: B2C customers, associations and clubs
  • Product portfolio: Services and products from the leisure and sports sector