Task definition

  • Development of integrated financial planning
  • Establishment of ERP-controlled production and procurement planning
  • Turnaround plant

Industry / Function / Environment

  • Battery technology (supercapacitors)
  • Turnaround management of the main processes (sales, supply chain, operations and finance)
  • Failure to meet operational and financial targets, failure to meet investor expectations
  • Value stream and SWOT analysis
  • Setting up sub-projects and overall control for turnaround
  • Enable ERP-based planning against limited capacity and raw materials to increase customer satisfaction
  • Turnaround of production plant to meet production quality and deadlines
  • Turnaround of unreliable sales & operations planning and optimisation of interfaces to product development, SCM and production
  • Turnaround company via a core Culture & Leadership project
  • Stabilisation of processes, among other things through accelerated integration of lessons learned from the processing of 8D reports
  • Establishment of the integrated financial planning required by law since 01.01.2021
  • Turnaround plant – 100% target achievement in Q1 2022
  • Clear ERP-supported S&OP planning as the basis for standardised processes in procurement, make-or-buy decisions and production planning, taking into account limitations in material availability and machine capacities
  • Increase in output by almost 40% at the bottleneck plants
  • Innovative manufacturer of supercapacitors, well-known investors
  • Stage of the company between start-up and scale-up
  • > 250 employees in two EU countries
Dipl.-Bw. (BA) John Persch

Senior Partner

+49 163 1979728 persch@fup-ag.com