• Turnaround of a project for the development of software for the automatic control of professional drones
  • Project audit (structure, processes, personnel, provider)
  • Weakness analysis
  • Optimisation / reorganisation of the project
  • Restoration of customer confidence

Industry/ Function / Environment / Expert

  • Microelectronics
  • Auditor / Turnaround Manager
  • IT / Software Development
  • Conducting workshops to determine the exact causes of customer dissatisfaction
  • Analysis of the project structure, procedures and processes, as well as the personnel and technologies used
  • Review of project results and performance
  • Auditing of service providers and service providers, including contractual agreements
  • Preparation and coordination of the turnaround strategy and planning with the relevant stakeholders
  • Restructuring of the project in terms of role allocation and processes for coordination with the client
  • Integration of new providers, redistribution of external services, and change of technology used
  • Project monitoring and regular coordination with the client
  • Audit report incl. recommendations for problem solving
  • Reorganisation of the project (personnel, processes, technology and service providers)
  • Reliable milestone planning
  • Prevention of project termination
  • Normalisation of the customer relationship
  • International group in the microelectronics sector
  • 1.000+ employees in Germany
  • Several branches in Germany
Dipl.-Inform. Wolfgang Schenk

Managing Partner

+49 40 8000 845 92 schenk@fup-ag.com