Task definition

  • Resolving the liquidity crisis

Industry / Function / Environment

  • Leading manufacturer of machinery and equipment for the production of food and pharmaceuticals
  • Commercial Manager / CFO


  • Liquidity crisis
  • Expansion of external financing is not possible
  • Considerable capital tied up in warehouses in Germany and abroad
  • The age structure of the receivables portfolio – especially from foreign customers – is unsatisfactory


  • Raise awareness of all teams by educating them about the interrelationships between P&L, balance sheet and cash flow
  • Create a central database of all portfolios
  • Special premiums for the sale of selected machines and components
  • Restrictive change of signature regulations for orders
  • Focused processing of receivables by one employee
  • Establishment of the cash flow calculation in the quotation preparation and after receipt of order
  • Capital release from inventories 700TEUR
  • Capital release from reduction of old receivables 300 TEUR
  • Establishment of the cash-first concept in internal processes
  • Significant contribution to solving the liquidity crisis and to avoiding future liquidity crises
  • Customer portfolio: manufacturing industry and trade for food, convenience food, pharmaceuticals
  • Product portfolio: Machines and systems for batch and continuous production, fine comminution, emulsification, mixing, cooking