At the Annual General Meeting of F&P AG on June 7, 2023, the 23 shareholders approved extensive personnel changes that will provide the basis for strong partner growth for the combined interim managers. The digital corporate and growth strategy was presented to the partners at the DDIM.kongress in Düsseldorf in November 2023 and has been in the implementation phase ever since.

Highlights of the innovations were presented to the more than 40 partners and young professionals in attendance at the annual conference on June 7 and 8. For example, the expanded F&P Academy was presented, which ensures the basis for the further qualification of partners through intensive know-how transfer. “What’s new is that we will also be opening our Academy to customers in future, who we can train in numerous specialist areas,” says Tobias Reichert, Senior Partner and Head of the Academy, who is delighted with the exciting development. This ensures professional and x-functional cooperation between our specialist groups. This USP has enabled us to take on complex mandates with interim teams and offer our clients enormous added value since the company was founded. “We come to stay, which sets us apart from the lone fighters in the interim market. Existing clients trust F&P as a solution provider in the long term,” summarizes John Persch, Senior Partner at F&P AG.

“The importance of AI and digitalization are shaping our planned growth course towards 100 plus x partners,” says CEO Bernd Fischer, highlighting the change at the consulting and interim management firm, which will have been active on the market for 15 years in June 2024.

“Structure follows strategy,” is how Prof. Dr. Kai-Uwe Wellner, the previous Chairman of the Supervisory Board, summarizes the change at F&P Executive Solutions AG. After 4 years of constantly setting new sales and profit records, it is time to hand over the baton to the operationally very experienced interim manager and consultant Ulrike Tegtmeier, who will lead the Supervisory Board in future together with the two Supervisory Board members Prof. Dr. Sabine Rathmayer and Prof. Dr. Kai-Uwe Wellner.

Ulrike Tegtmeier, a partner at F&P since 2013, had headed the Partner Recruiting division for over a decade. As part of Ms. Tegtmeier’s move to the chairmanship of the Supervisory Board, the strategic importance of Partner Recruiting will be upgraded in that it will be reorganized as a Management Board division and will in future be managed by Dr. Marek Jenöffy, who is moving from the Supervisory Board to the Management Board. The focus will be on cooperation with the Management Board members for Interim Management and Consulting, Götz Stapelfeldt and Bernd Fischer.

“The future importance of AI is reflected in the fact that we are also upgrading the IT/Digitalization division to an Executive Board division and giving it a prominent role,” says the long-standing Senior Partner and Supervisory Board member Prof. Dr. Sabine Rathmayer. Wolfgang Schenk, Senior Partner and former Head of IT, will take on a new role in this new board department.

The two new board members will manage their divisions from the company’s headquarters at Carlsplatz in Düsseldorf