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Dipl.-Betriebsw. (FH) Daniel Middendorf

Daniel Middendorf is an expert in restructuring, reorganisation, turnaround and performance improvement as well as business development, marketing and sales. He is characterised by his high level of competence in dealing with medium-sized structures and companies as well as in small businesses and corporate groups. Mr. Middendorf is an expert in crisis management and corporate governance, also in insolvency and pre-insolvency cases, but also through his extensive sales and marketing experience in securing profitability and growth.

Mr. Middendorf has extensive experience in the consumer and durable goods industry, managing companies in automotive, the image processing industry as well as specialty chemicals and the vending industry.

He has broad international experience in Western and Eastern Europe, Asia and the Far East as well as North America. As a restructuring and reorganisation consultant, Mr. Middendorf has a proven track record of securing turnarounds for medium-sized companies in restructuring and reorganisation.

He has been working as an interim executive for international companies in the first and second management levels since 2007 and has already very successfully completed well over 10 interim mandates.

Mr Middendorf has been a partner of F&P Executive Solutions AG since October 2020.


Consulting and project management:
General Management
Turnaround and restructuring
Definition and implementation of growth strategies
Brand and market development
Sales management
Profitability improvement

Interim Management:
CEO/CRO: Restructuring, turnaround, business development, sales, marketing
CSO/ CMO: Sales and/or marketing management, expansion, reorg, digitalisation
Head of BU: BU management, expansion, reorganisation, internationalisation

Industry expertise:

FMCG, consumer goods industry B2B and B2C
Consumer durables (sanitary ware/ tableware/ furniture/ kitchen/ garden technology) B2B and B2C
Trade, wholesale and retail, digital sales platforms
Technical consumer goods and capital goods (heating technology, air-conditioning technology/ solar/ conference technology/ microtechnology/
Automotive/ Caravaning
Specialty chemicals and imaging
Vending Industry
Metal processing industry

Dipl.-Betriebsw. (FH) Daniel Middendorf

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Your F&P expert for turnaround and restructuring

Dipl.-Betriebsw. (FH) Daniel Middendorf

Your F&P expert for turnaround and restructuring

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