Career with F&P as an expert

Become part of the F&P success story

As an F&P professional or associate partner you have the chance to become part of the F&P team. We excel in know-how and teamwork along the entire value chain of companies.

As an Associate Partner/Expert, you will receive F&P marketing materials and have the opportunity to share your knowledge and discuss current topics with other experts in specialist groups. In our firm, you have the opportunity to advance from subject matter expert to partner.

  • Marketing under F&P with F&P mandates
  • Own F&P e-mail address on F&P mandates
  • Integration into F&P client teams for complex mandates
  • Admission as associate partner as a preliminary step to equity partnership possible
Associate Partner
  • Marketing under the F&P AG brand umbrella
  • Active marketing through selected sales partners
  • SharePoint access for product development & sales groups
  • Social media promotion
  • Microsoft Office 365: browser-based use on demand
  • F&P events free of charge
  • Variable fees in the mandate
  • One-off set-up fee and fixed quarterly fees
  • Partner status possible through purchase of shares in F&P AG
  • Marketing under the F&P AG brand umbrella
  • Active marketing through selected distribution partners
  • Representatives of F&P AG
  • Shareholders in F&P AG
  • Management of specialist groups and business units possible
  • Comprehensive SharePoint access
  • Social media promotion
  • Involvement in sales campaigns and operational activities in the AG
  • Full Microsoft Office 365 package
  • Participation in strategic F & P conferences and meetings
  • Shareholder with voting and dividend rights
  • Participation in the increase in value of F&P AG

We offer/our partner model

At F&P AG we believe in teamwork and would therefore like to offer our partners and interested parties various opportunities to become part of F&P AG.
In the following we have presented all important information and advantages for you at F&P. See our partner models and their advantages at a glance:

Expert Associate Partner Sales Associate Partner Partner
Inclusion in the team only in certain specialist groups full inclusion in the team full inclusion in the team full involvement in the team + F&P strategy
Career opportunities
Marketing via F&P
Prices & Conditions
Minimum contract period 1 year 1 year 1 year
Setup fee
Price on request
Price on request
Fixed quarterly fee
Price on request
Price on request
Exclusive advantages
Exclusive marketing through F&P Sales Enabler
Mandate processing (from request for invoicing) for F&P mandates for all mandates for all mandates for all mandates
Dividend payment
Right of co-determination
F&P methods & tools for mandates
Request setup fee
Request fixed quarterly fee