Insights from an experienced change and transformation manager

In the recently published book “Unternehmensziel: Unabhängigkeit – Management in disruptiven Zeiten” (Corporate goal: independence – management in disruptive times), John Persch describes ways for managers to secure the continued existence of a company despite upheavals and trends.

Radical changes such as digitalisation, Industry 4.0, structural change or disruption demand rapid adaptation. John Persch explains which indicators mean a need for action in the company.

With the background of his several years of experience as an interim manager and consultant on change and transformation projects, Mr. Persch presents sound techniques for recognising serious mistakes in affected companies.

F&P congratulates warmly on the publication and strongly recommends reading it to members of management, change managers and advisory boards as well as supervisory boards of companies.

John Persch Unternehmensziel: Unabhängigkeit