In Q4 2023, F&P Executive Solutions is fortifying its team with the addition of two new Associate Partners.

We are thrilled to introduce Frederik König and Christian Stahl as valuable members of our expert team!

This expansion of seasoned professionals enhances our capabilities, particularly in the realms of start-up and scale-up management, turnaround, restructuring, optimization, project management, change management, and leadership. Continue reading to discover more about the exceptional skills of our new F&P managers.

Frederik König:
Bringing over two decades of experience as a project manager, start-up expert, and director in international industrial companies, Mr. König possesses extensive expertise in project management, change management, and leadership. His curiosity, creativity, resilience, and adaptability make him a robust team player willing to shoulder leadership responsibilities. With a wealth of experience in processes and methods, he has consistently delivered sustainable competitive advantages for numerous companies. If you seek an accomplished expert to enhance efficiency, quality, and continuous improvement in your production environment, Frederik König is unquestionably the ideal choice!

Christian Stahl:
Mr. Stahl excels in start-up and scale-up management, reorganization, restructuring, optimization, company launch, corporate development, and turnaround management. His outstanding proficiency throughout the entire logistics chain has resulted in remarkable successes. As the Outbound Manager, he successfully orchestrated the launch of in Mainz-Bischofsheim from January 2022 to April 2023. Alongside process management, personnel oversight, and financial control, he devised and implemented effective tools to navigate the complexities of day-to-day operations. Within nine months, he achieved a Europe-wide outbound productivity record, concurrently securing top-tier performance in Q-KPIs.

Christian Stahl is recognized for his ability to swiftly adapt to new situations and adeptly identify and solve problems. He has crafted and seamlessly implemented tailored operational control systems in production and logistics, including two successful system integrations that heightened productivity and quality. With his profound expertise and extensive experience, Christian Stahl is here to support you in efficiently achieving your goals!